Wednesday, January 4, 2012

My next thing: Vox Games

The original plan — crafted cunningly by hands other than my own — was to hold onto this announcement for quite some time after I departed from Joystiq. Fortunately, that plan was revised, which is good not only because we get to get started in a big and public way much sooner, but also because the anticipation would have quickly dissolved me at the subatomic level.

I am helping to found a gaming website for Vox Media, the company behind the stellar tech site The Verge and the equally stellar sports community and news site SB Nation.

I’ll be joined in that effort by seven incredibly talented individuals who possess a sum total of a hundred million years in industry experience. Former Joystiq EIC Chris Grant — my old boss — will continue to be my boss while serving as this new site’s EIC. Longtime Kotaku EIC Brian Crecente is spearheading news coverage, and I’ll be serving as his deputy, giving me the opportunity to absorb the wisdom of his years of incomparable reporting experience while simultaneously carrying around some sort of shiny badge.

I’m probably most excited to be working with Justin — my own flesh and blood and also the site’s Managing Editor. Working with him at Joystiq was one of the most rewarding professional experiences I’ve ever had, and the prospect of building something entirely new with him is thrilling.

Speaking of thrilling, I’ll also be working with not one, but two dudes named Russ — MTV Multiplayer lead and Jetpack Joyride mastermind Russ Frushtick, and former Escapist EIC Russ Pitts. There’s also a second Chris, whose surname is Plante, and whose writing is superb. Finally, there’s Arthur Gies, who is one of my favorite critics in the entire industry.

We’ll have an unprecedented level of support as we imagineer and build the best gaming website on the face of the whole Earth, working with the same web designers and developers that recently launched the absolutely gorgeous Verge. I cannot wait to start working closer with the Vox team — in the short time since I signed onto this project, I’ve already seen some of the savoir-faire that instilled so much confidence in the tech giants who joined the organization last year.

For now, you can follow along on our (heretofore unnamed) site’s Twitter feed. I hope you will, you know, follow along. I’ve never done anything like this before, and where the absence of that kind of experience would usually produce doubt and fear, the quality of my coworkers and employer has only filled me with the utmost certainty that 2012 is going to be a very, very good year.


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